Take a look at all the endless possibilities our E-Prism can do and more.

Visually Aesthetic.

Watch our YouTube video about our new product, E-Prism Light.
A peaceful and beautiful video about our E-Prism Light set in a garden.
A step-by-step guide on how to use our app to control your E-Prism.
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Ambiance. Colors. Style.

Choose your AMBIANCE.
E-Prism’s wide-angle multicolor projection transforms the lighting of any space.

Choose your COLORS.
E-Prism can output seven colors at once with unrivaled projection capacities and infinite color possibilities.

Choose your STYLE.
Use smart light to transform the look and feel of a space to complement your personal style.

Choose your LIFESTYLE.
Are you a gamer? A photographer? Whatever your lifestyle is, E-Prism Light will adjust to your needs and wants.

Choose your SPACE.
It’s time to step up your game. With E-Prism, you can achieve that space you’ve always wanted without any committal or sticky situation.

Choose your DECOR.
You can decorate your space without any hassle.