Take a look at all the endless possibilities our E-Prism can do and more.

Visually Aesthetic.

Watch our YouTube video about our new product, E-Prism Light.
A peaceful and beautiful video about our E-Prism Light set in a garden.
A step-by-step guide on how to use our app to control your E-Prism.
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Ambiance. Colors. Style.

Choose your AMBIANCE.
E-Prism’s wide-angle multicolor projection transforms the lighting of any space.

Choose your COLORS.
E-Prism can output seven colors at once with unrivaled projection capacities and infinite color possibilities.

Choose your STYLE.
Use smart light to transform the look and feel of a space to complement your personal style.

Choose your LIFESTYLE.
Are you a gamer? A photographer? Whatever your lifestyle is, E-Prism Light will adjust to your needs and wants.

Choose your SPACE.
It’s time to step up your game. With E-Prism, you can achieve that space you’ve always wanted without any committal or sticky situation.

Choose your DECOR.
You can decorate your space without any hassle.

Lights. Camera. Action.

Play around with our product to capture the perfect picture.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to photography.
Selfies are overrated. It’s self-portrait time with E-Prism Light.

Elevate YOUR Events.

Out of the Blue Event.
Out of the Blue Event.