Heads up, these reviews are glowing.

Qinyi | “Bought this for my friend who is a serious gamer. He loved it! The light adds such a unique atmosphere to the room and you can play around with seemingly endless color combinations. We can’t stop marveling at the dazzling color shadows. They seem to have a life of their own.”

Jin | “I really like the E-Prism light. I have one that I use as a sort of night light often, and it really helps setting a mood when I am trying to think. The colours in the light are also extremely strong. I once put it fully on red, and apparently you could see the red seeping through my windows from the blinds. It’s also generally fun to play around with, especially with the app, which is also very easy to use, like the light!”

Nay | “This lamp is perfect!! I’ve been looking for more indirectmood lighting and this has so many different options. You can control it from your phone as well, which is very convenient. It can swivel to many different angles and lights up the space very pleasantly.”

Felicia | “This is soooo cool! I love the lights and so does my Dobie. It adds a pretty neat ambiance to my apartment. I just opened the box and plugged it in so I haven’t figured out everything yet but I believe there is an option to adjust the lights using a touch sensor. Cannot wait to play with it. If you’re thinking about getting this lamp, just do it. I bought those colorful led strips and I hated trying to rig them around my apartment. This is definitely a better option.”

Quinarra | “This is an interesting little device. I think it would be great for parties and taking cool photos. The first two pics are just shadows of my hand. The third pic is a shadow created with the cardboard cutout sitting on top of the glass. I’m not totally sure if I used that correctly. I decided not to deduct a star, but I was a little put off by how it was packed for shipping. There were ripped pieces of USPS priority boxes inside the box it was shipped in, and there was a random piece of scratch paper between the pages of the manual. Speaking of the manual, it’s very wordy and not very clear and concise.”

Natalie | “This is a nifty little light! Very cool. Comes with some adjustments in the back and an app. I haven’t messed with either yet, but it is really neat even without those options. Great for parties and our kids love it when their friends come over and they have karaoke parties. If you’re looking for something like this, it is a good option!”

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