E-Green LLC, established as a startup in 2012, is an innovative lighting company specializing in the advancement of smart lighting technology. Since its inception, E-Green has been dedicated to transforming traditional lighting systems and pioneering innovative solutions that redefine how individuals engage with illumination.

Our Story


To deliver lighting solutions that offer our customers the ultimate user experience.


Innovation, Creation, Customer satisfaction, Integrity.


Creating joyful satisfaction through innovative lighting products

E-Green LL’s journey began with our founder’s experience in a poorly illuminated apartment complex. In many areas, there was insufficient lighting, forcing tenants to rely on their own light sources for rooms without ceiling fixtures.

Frustrated by the inconvenience, he tried floor and table lamps, but they couldn’t provide optimal illumination. Even reading a book required constant adjustments for adequate lighting, and the lamps lacked the desired brightness and ambiance. Managing multiple lamps only added to his frustration.

These personal challenges inspired our founder’s vision for smarter lighting. He imagined a technology that allowed effortless movement and precise control of light beams, delivering customizable brightness to cater to various needs. This innovative smart lighting system, adjustable via smartphones and remote controls, became the foundation of E-Green LLC.

Team Behind

The Scene

Chai Ming chen


E-Green LLC’s founder, Chia Ming Chen.

Client Testimonials

"E-Prism is a showstopper! It turns my space into a work of art with its seven-color projection. It's so easy to set the mood just the way I like it. Plus, it's built to last, so no more worries about replacing bulbs. E-Prism has become a must-have at my place!"
Client Sara R
"E-Prism is a mood magician. Whether it's a cozy night in or a lively get-together, it effortlessly transforms my space. It's not just a light; it's a conversation starter and an energy-saver. I can't recommend it enough!"
Client Sara R
"E-Prism is my go-to for adding some magic to any setting. It's portable and versatile, indoors and outdoors. No more hassles with frequent bulb changes, thanks to its long-lasting LED. E-Prism adds a touch of enchantment to every space I use it in."
Client David M

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