Multi-Color Output

E-Prism outputs up to 7 colors simultaneously over 120° angle. Manipulate the color mixing of red, green, and blue LEDs to create specific smart colors at the same time

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App Controlled

Infinite color possibilities! Choose from 1 million color settings and display them in various ways. E-Prism's app controls brightness, dimness, and color transition.

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Color Interactive

Users can interact with smart colors to create color shadows or beautiful color projections. Special color effects include: interactive colors,  magic color shadows, image projection.

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Interactive Lamp for Kids

E-Prism is multi-purpose, portable, and pivotable that makes it perfect to manipulate and directly illuminate and project light on objects to create beautiful color shadows that allow adults and children alike to interact with E-Prism multi-color effects in their own ways.

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The Perfect Light For Every Occasion

With E-Prism smart lamp activating your desired ambiance is effortless. From your bedroom to your garden to your party and beyond. E-Prism sets the perfect mood for every occasion with the entire color spectrum available in the app.

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Excellent for Home Decor

E-Prism is a multi-color smart and interactive lamp that enables you to completely change the way your home or any space feels and looks.

Not only illuminated objects are more colorful and detailed, their shadows project a beautiful color ‘painting’ on the walls and ceiling.  

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We are E-Green, a start-up developing innovative lighting solutions. Since our founding in 2012, we have had the vision to change conventional lighting systems and develop innovative lighting technology that facilitates the way people interact with light.

Our first product is an interactive smart lamp that allows users to change the color with ease, to adjust the brightness of the light with precision, by using a smartphone.

So far we have participated in the challenges and events below, with more to come!



E-prism smart lamp for home decor

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