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E-Prism light creates shadows that decorate, change the mood, and children love to play and interact with

Imagine a light that produces shadows that are colorful and beautiful. Imagine a lamp that can convert shadows in your space and environment into a beautiful color painting that instantly transforms the mood of your space. This unique lamp is E-Prism, the first portable multicolor shadow projector based on E-Green’s patented color mixing technologies.

Output multiple colors at the same time.

E-Prism outputs multiple colors simultaneously. The colors belong to various color-mixing regions. The center is a three-color mixing region. Regions surrounding the center are two-color mixing regions. Outer regions are one-color regions. Light from different color-mixing regions produces different numbers of color shadows.

E-Prism projects multicolor shadows of objects on surfaces. Each object can have multiple shadows of different colors. The color contrast and spatial separation among different color shadows produce a three-dimensional perception of the image. In this projection, the decoration hanging on the wall appears in front of the plant color shadows. The leaves not only go from left to right and up and down but also in and out at different angles. Colors are blended naturally. They not only appear at different places but also vary in intensity, heavier in some places but lighter and even fading in other places. The dark shadows and variation of colors reinforce the three-dimensional perception of the image.

When E-Prism’s color beam illuminates objects with complex structures, structure details are revealed. Color shadows of parts from one layer are projected on parts of the layers behind. Colors reflected from different parts color mix to form new colors. This immerses the whole structure in a bath of colors.

Color shadows allow users to interact with image projection. The motion of users or objects is reflected by the movement of the color shadows and color mixing. Places without motion have no multicolor changing. The picture was taken on a windy night in California. An E-Prism was hanging in a tree. Colorful branches and leaves were projections of color shadows from other branches and leaves. The branches were heavier and didn’t move much. The leaves (green) and their color shadows (non-green) moved rhythmically, manifested by the color blending and shifting.

Besides color shadows, E-Prism can also create color-mixing images from cut-out patterns. Each cut-out can produce up to six images of different colors. When color images from different cut-outs overlap, they color mix to form new colors. This color mixing creates a beautiful colorful image. The cut-out pattern can be generated from laser cutting or users’ own creations. This feature gives children an opportunity to create their own art.

E-Prism can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Its color-changing App can be downloaded from the Apple store and Google play. It has many powerful features. Users can change colors automatically with fade and delay adjustable settings or manually. There are preset color buttons. One can instantly change to these preset color settings by pressing these buttons.

To download the E-Prism App, please scan the following QR codes

Color changing can also be achieved by the RGB touch sensors underneath the logo. Users can lightly tap the RGB buttons to change colors.

E-Prism’s color mixing and color shadow effects can be used to construct different color schemes such as creating the right mood in a space, home or commercial decoration, holidays and events, children’s play and learning, architecture, and art creation.